This movie was crazy good and thought provoking. You should check it out if you like to sit around in a daze after movies thinking about parallel dimensions. 

More books that are becoming movies. Gone Girl was amazing and I am very curious as to how the movie is going to be. 

Yes, another book to movie trailer...I am hooked.

Maggot Moon, by Sally Gardner

It's been a while since I've read a book that has left me absolutely reeling. As soon as I finished (after a good, cleansing cry in the bathroom) I immediately started to read it again. I don't want to say much more, just that you should really take the time to read it - it's short, go now. I'll wait here. 

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V-Sauce is dope!

I love science and I love learning and I am loving these videos.  Check out V-Sauce, if you aren't already familiar. Just put aside some time, because you get sucked in.

This one was fun and made me feel a little bit better about myself!


I am so Into Stromae right now. These videos are fun and stylish!

 "They're all the same"

"Dad, where are you?"

How excited are we for this movie? Don't let us down Hollywood!

This looks so cheesy and awesome and definitely my "V"-day plans. See what I did there? eh? eh?

Couple cool shots from my morning jog.

Are you watching this?


If not, you need to be! Orphan Black is the new Orange is the New Black...wait what?  Both fantastic shows, why don't you take a weekend to binge, go ahead I won't blame you. I did. 

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