Pacific Northwest Travels

Well Hello! Sorry for my prolonged absence, these things do happen. It's only June and yet this year alone I have been to Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Seattle, and Portland. Needless to say, I'm pooped. I'm sure there are many that traveled far more than I, and those who travel far less, but traveling is something that has always been important to my hubby and I, so we budget the best we can. This is in no way a forum to show off my travels, only an account for those who are interested. 

I don't have a ton of pictures, to be honest, I'm not great at remembering to take them and if I do, it's of a really pretty flower or a particular rock that looks like Mark Twain. I don't have the skill for capturing precious memories. Thank goodness for the Hubbins.

This past weekend we traveled to Portland/Seattle in an effort to cram what could easily be a two week road trip into four days.

Thursday we started off by landing in Portland, rented a Prius, which was AWESOME and then headed up to Seattle where we were meeting family.  Along the way we decided to make a quick detour to Mt. St. Helen's, which was not a quick at all, but gorgeous and totally worth it. After that we rushed to meet family in downtown Seattle where I saw a wall of gum and got a little tipsy off wine at a tapas bar.  

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

Thursday night was spent at a decent hotel (in Bellevue, which made for a hell of a drive to downtown)  and hubby made friends with the hotel manager and got us free stuff (seriously he does this everywhere we go). We got up early Friday and headed Northwest towards Olympic National Park where we hiked the Hurricane Ridge Trail and it was amazing. I'm sure I annoyed everyone around me with my countless renditions of "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music." But they really were!

We were pretty exhausted Friday evening so we ended up just hitting the hotel bar for happy hour and making great friends with the bartender who was from El Salvador who helped us work on our TERRIBLE Spanish (shout out to Javier and his delightful conversation).

Saturday we packed up again and headed back down to Portland. I wish I could have seen more of Seattle, but the common theme of this trip was "When we come back..."  There is so much to do. We can't wait to rent a car in Northern Cali and drive straight up until the Canadians send us home.  

Okay, so Saturday was spent at Rainier National Park, and let me say that I may have fallen in love. There is something magical about ancient forests. It gives you the same feeling of insignificance and total vastness as a sky full of stars.  I shudder to think about my reaction when I finally get to meet the Redwoods of Northern California.  Again, everything was rushed, but we managed to make it to my grandparents in time for dinner. For dinner we decided to head towards Cannon beach, about an hour and a half Northwest. Goonies' haystacks people! It was, of course, gorgeous. I will never get over the flowers. Flowers everywhere. All different shades and sizes, like they can't handle it and explode like fireworks over every inch that isn't paved. 

Sunday was Father's Day so my dad and I headed to downtown Portland where we had a lovely brunch and then strolled into Powell's books. Powell's books is, to put it lightly, heaven on earth. I could have spent the entire weekend there and still felt cheated. It is endless floors, with endless rooms, of endless sections of books. And to be honest it was all a little overwhelming, no matter what I purchased would not be enough to signify the magnificence that was that store. Sigh. 

The rest of Sunday was spent with the rest of my clan at a BBQ where I learned amazing details about all the lives of my family.  Over 900 miles in about four full days, not too shabby. (On one tank of gas no less, woo Prius!)

Monday was a trip from hell that started at 3:00 am, crossed four airports, ten hours separated from my husband, reunited in Denver, then ended in the last plane home and in bed by midnight. It was a long day, but that's the life you lead when you fly standby. Lesson learned, don't travel non-revenue standby in the summer, after a holiday.  It was an amazing trip, my eyes are still in shock from all the shades of green, and I can't wait to go back.