I'm Still Here

I am ashamed at how long I have gone without a blog post. I am sure my one avid reader (hi, mom!) has been devastated. 

The good news is, the reason I haven't had a lot of extra time to blog is because much of my energy/creative juice has gone towards editing my NaNoWriMo MS (Nine Cigarettes), and writing a new MS tentatively referred to as "Charlie's Story," which is a continuation from what I wrote in November - different character, same universe, all romance. Aww yeeaah.

I have gone through "Nine Cigarettes" once, but quickly realized, upon incorporation of some WBWW critique feedback, that I will need to go through it once more with a finer comb. I am sure I have several more revisions in my future, but I am eager to get "Nine Cigarettes" to Beta readers. I'm torn between releasing it as is or holding on to it so I  can scrub it until I am satisfied. But when is a writer ever satisfied? So after this next revision, I will likely send it out into the big, scary world regardless. Then, once I get crucial Beta feedback, another couple rounds of revisions. Then What? Ahh! I can't think about that right now. 

The new MS I am working on, is not coming as fast as "Nine Cigarettes" did, but that's on me. During Nano I was an animal; I set strict goals for myself and adhered to them. Also, I noticed I wrote so much and so fast that I was never able to fully get out of the world of my book, which is awesome. Little ideas, plot lines, and scenes constantly played through my head and I jotted them down and the story wrote itself, so long as I didn't allow myself to leave that world. I have been hacking away at "Charlie's Story"  for over a month and a half now  and have little to show for it, at least in comparison. It is hard to stay in the character's heads when I distract myself - another reason I am tempted to just send "Nine Cigarettes" off, just so I stop picking at it for a while, but I'll wait. I have an early April vacation which I have set as my deadline to get Charlie's Story done. 

Otherwise, all is well. working away. Need to give myself some writing prompts. I haven't submitted any new short stories. I'm sort of back in an anti-submitting mode. It comes and goes with my short stories.