Taste of Fame

I know dreams are one of those things that are a lot more interesting to those having them, than to those forced to listen to them all the time (sorry honey), but the last few nights I have had some fun ones. Here are just a few snippets that don’t involve revisiting childhood homes or members of my direct family.

I feel your pain friend, image from  HERE

I feel your pain friend, image from HERE

I was hosting a pool party for Vladamir Putin’s son. Trust me, I wasn't thrilled about it either, but I had a job to do. It was an elaborate bar pool we had decked out in sparkling lights and decorations. I even managed to get my old friends, the band Incubus, to perform. Before the guests started to arrive, I reminisced with the band, recalling my brief stint as their bassist in the early 2000s. Because we had a giant projector set up, we thought it might be fun to watch a few of the older videos and recall some crazy memories. Unfortunately, it wasn't until we started scrolling through YouTube, that I remembered I never made it into any of their videos. Instead, Anna Paquin’s heavy lined eyes stared back at me. She had been in her Goth phase when she was a member of the band, shortly after me, and apparently they found her much more suitable to star in their videos. Pfft. Whatevs.

Photo taken from  HERE

Photo taken from HERE

Later, I was at a party with Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and a bunch of other people in a chic loft in NYC. I hadn't known they were going to be there, but I thought it would be a great time to pitch my idea for a romantic comedy, possibly even a bromance, called “Devil’s Threeway.”  Not wanting to be pushy, I played it cool, while internally I freaked, in total awe of their celebrity. As I chatted to Seth, James joined us on the couch. He seemed very interested in the movie, that would of course star the two of them and would force them to choose between their friendship and a kinky spitfire who comes between them. James slid a hand over Seth’s knee and smiled eagerly while Jonah Hill shot daggers at me from across the room. I realized I had gotten in a little too deep here and decided to bow out gracefully, leaving them to their love triangle. 

A side note: I do not think that Anna Paquin, nor I were ever in the band Incubus. Also, it should be noted that I, in no way, claim to know the sexual orientation of any celebrity.

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