A Little Boost

Almost every day my husband asks me, “What have you done to get published today?” and most days I hastily distract him with my feminine wiles or mumble something about work/life being in the way. I'm not proud. But anybody in any creative industry knows the immense amount of information and competition out there. It's easy to get overwhelmed and decide to hide in the comfort of your office.  

But in the last week, I made a positive step in the right direction. I joined RWA, including the local chapter LERA, and went to my first meeting yesterday. I was blown away by the supportive atmosphere, it was like coming home to hot chocolate after being rained on non-stop for a year. (The last time I had this feeling on being on the right path was when I met the members of my critique group for the first time.) To say I was intimidated by a room full of published authors, would be a gross understatement. And yet not once did I feel out of place or unwelcome. While hearing their success hammered in how far I have to go, it reinforced that I made the right decision in joining.

This is the awesome print Chris gave us,  you can buy it here!

This is the awesome print Chris gave us, you can buy it here!

Chris Baty, the accidental creator of  NaNoWriMo, gave a fantastic talk just in time for November, reminding us all that we each have our own story and it wants to be told.  I’m feeling refreshed and inspired. Hopefully, this move will push me in the direction of my goals. Worse case scenario, I will have met some talented and amazing writers.

Come on November, let's do this!