Halloween Dreaming!

Happy NaNoWriMo! Remember how I JUST said I wasn’t posting until December? HA! My unconscious mind had other plans for me. I am just about to go start my new MS but first I had to get this nightmare out of my head! Halloween must have leaked into my brain while I wasn’t paying attention, though typically I have these types of dreams when I’m feeling stressed. So, I better get to writing for NaNoWriMo! Talk to you all later! I am running. Several other people run along side me, equally terrified but knowing well enough not to scream. The moon provides enough light that I can see we are headed through a field. We are exposed, unsafe. I hear a soft cry out as someone falls down near me. It is a little girl, maybe about six years old. Even she knows that she must remain quiet. Her large eyes look up to me, beg me for help. I scoop her up into my arms and we are running again. Ahead I see a barbed-wire fence, not very tall, maybe it had been used to keep cattle in. We need to keep them out. They are about as smart as cattle, this is perhaps our best bet for now. The people around me also think it’s good enough.

I bend over the fence, and the metal burs cut into my gut as I place the little girl safely on the other side. The jacket I use to cover sharp edges is not enough and my sleeve gets tangled. The little girl lifts her arms out as though to hurry me. I can hear them close behind me, slow dragging footsteps. My shirt rips and my flesh gets caught as I throw myself over. Somehow a woman next to me has completed wrapped herself up in the wire. It is twisted around her body so much that her feet are lifted off the ground. There is no time to help her. I pick up the little girl and we run to the center of the field.

They are there, collecting outside the edges of fence. Their pale flesh turned silver in the moonlight. Next to me I recognize a group of cops and official-looking type people, they are planning something. I remember how earlier I heard them conspiring in hushed voices. They knew this whole time. I want to yell at them but then I see the glint of light flashing off fierce automatic rifles and I force the little girl to the ground placing my body over hers as shots are fired all around us.

* * *

Now we are climbing to the top of shelves in a grocery store. There are less of us now, but I still watch over the little girl. I push her up to the top of the shelf where there is a loft type area where we can hide. It’s cramped and dusty but better than being down there with them. When I pull myself up, I feel relief but only briefly. The little girl is antsy. She is only a toddler now and she is tired of being quiet and still. She paces and giggles and mumbles nonsense.

“Shh. Shh.” I say and move to quiet her. My hand covers half a face that’s warm with snot and tears. This upsets her. She lets out a wail - high pitched and piercing. Terrified, I look around just in time to see one snap its head towards the direction of the noise. It drags its body towards us slowly.  Somehow the others know now too and head for us. We are up high but not high enough. The little girl is quiet again as though she senses her mistake. A few of the others from the field who made it here safely throw cans of food across the store to try and distract them. As if they were attracted to only the noise. We are not safe here.

* * *

I am alone in a vast library with thick shelves that stretch high over my head to a second story. I need a weapon. I run down the stacks looking for anything sharp as terrified people run past me. Finally I spot a letter opener laying on a table. I grab it and not a moment too soon because at that moment, one of them turns the corner. Its dead eyes widen for a moment when it spots me. He doesn't look much different than us, but his skin is grey-green and he moves too slow. I shove the letter opener into his gut. There is no gore, not like I thought there would be, but he is unaffected. I see a dull, worn knife and grab that instead, quickly stabbing it into his throat. This brings him to his knees. I have no choice, I move the blade back and forth until his head is an inch away from the rest of him.

There are more of them now. I hear screams all around me. I climb the nearest bookshelf like a tree. Jumping from one shelf to the next, I run across the sturdy tops until I am close enough to climb to the second story. Once I’m to the safety of landing, I grab for thick, hard covered books. I drop them from high above and the gravity and weight pops their heads like zits. Others get the ideas and climb to safety too. Soon, almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias are falling all around me, smashing the enemy. We are getting the best of them.

For now.

Current song: "Cold Out There" by Jon Hopkins