Dream 6-29-13

This one was straight out of a movie. Every scene felt as though I ripped it straight from the Day After Tomorrow, Titanic or some other big blockbuster. I would like to take the time to write it out as if it were scenes in a book but I’m dying to finish “Wet” and get cracking on this new YA book about Lena.  I will fill it out later and maybe repost it. So here is a very rushed, detailed outline:

-From what I can tell it starts with me in an office building - a very high sky scraper. Everyone in the office is scrambling and worried because reports of devastating storms about to hit the coast. We stand at the window watching the ocean from our birds-eye view. One, long straight wave stretches across the entire surface without breaking formation. The sky is black and the water is smooth except that single tidal wave. The wave breaks across the shores with minimal damage - it was big but not like we thought. People around me relax and giggle with relief. Suddenly far out in the sea it looks as if the bottom of the ocean-floor just collapsed, as though a shelf fell. The water falls in on itself. When the water compensates for the sudden shift it will create Tsunami waves. All these buildings along the coast will be knocked down. I scream and everyone runs for the elevator. There is no time for me and I know it is not safe. I find a stair case that allows me to drop level by level very quickly to the bottom. I run out of the building and hear the screams of those trapped in the elevator as the waves crash against the building and bring it down.

- I run fast for a long time until I find a building I think is safe. An old warehouse with a lot of steel supports and high stairs. I climb to the top of one. Several other people are there too with the same idea. We work together and help those struggling. We use massive rolling, steel staircases to create one massive web of safety. We hold each other by crossing our arms around the bars of our staircase and the bars of a nearby one. We are very high up and the steps move around - but they are safe. Safer than being down there.  We brace ourselves as massive waves hit the building. The water fills the room. We manage to stay above the water line until the entire building is knocked loose and we begin flowing down the street as a dangerous rate. Many people lose their grips and fall into the water.  As we rush through the city we see many people and cars get swept away. It is very scary but I feel lucky to have such a strong grip on the metal stair structure. It is keeping me safe.

- Then I am in a mall. I spot my husband. We hold each other for a long moment but know we don’t have a lot of time. We rush through the mall story after story trying to get higher and higher. There is an amusement park type ride that twists to the sky that massive crowds are desperately crawling up to beat the rush of water that will hit at any moment. My husband and I don’t want to deal with that so we find a thick twisting pole that climbs high above the mall, but still inside the building. We climb it quickly without any effort, however when we get to the top we realize what a mistake it is. With both of our weight it sways slightly and we know once the water comes it will break and we will fall many stories. I look back, my husband is gone. Now he is on the ground looking up at me with sad eyes. He wants me to be safe at the risk of his own life. I can’t leave him. “We are in this together” I say and climb back down to him. Scared, but glad to be in his arms for a another moment.

-I am naked. My clothes and shoes are gone and I know once the water hits I will get badly injured if I don’t protect myself. We find a candy store, it is still in business for some reason. I try to cover myself. We are running out of time. I find a baggy shirt and put it on. We leave without paying. I still don’t have shoes. I see them cut up and bloody, trudging through dirty water. “We have to go I say.” Time is wasting. We hear screams letting us know the water has hit. We find escalators -an Ecsher like maze of stairs, that may lead us to safety. People are running and screaming all around us. We don’t let go of each other’s hands as we run up the escalators. I find one that looks like it goes very high up, I run at full speed. A man is running down it bloodied and screaming. “He is going the wrong way,” I think. I don’t understand until it is too late. The escalator ends with out warning. I begin to fall many feet to my death when my husband grabs me and pulls me back up. We jump across to the next level and keep going up. The floors never seem to end. Now the area we are at is desolate. We are going to make it out. I can feel it, we are close to the roof. If we could just get to the roof, then we would be safe. I hear crying. A little boy in fireman costume is huddled by a potted plant sobbing and rocking himself. I go to grab him and take him with us. The boy wails. My husband looks torn, we have to go. I tell the boy "We want to help you."  He tells me his daddy said to meet him here at one and that he will be right back. My chest aches. I hear the water rushing towards us. The clock says three. “We have to take the boy with us” my husband nods and we both know this will slow us down. I pick up the boy, he doesn't fit me. I tell him we are going to find his daddy.

I wake up.

Current Song: "Mad World" by Gary Jules