I am not having a great morning. I sort of feel like I swam out too far and I can’t see the shore anymore. Water is filling my nose and I’m thinking to myself, “What the hell have I gotten myself into here?” I made the mistake of Googling different writing competitions thinking it was time for me to submit something. An hour later, I’m left with even more questions, heartburn and an overwhelming case of self doubt. Damn, why are there so many writers out there? Last year for my birthday my hubby got me these Writer’s Market books they are filled with great information (for those who aren’t familiar) about different places to submit to, how to submit, what it will cost, etc. They have been sitting on my book shelf for nine months because the prospect of even opening them gives me heart palpations.

Here’s the thing, I know I need to start submitting my short stories or entering contests, but seriously WHERE THE CRAP DO I EVEN BEGIN? Does every one else know something I don’t? How can I tell what’s a scam and what isn’t? Is it normal for every place to have you pay money? Some were only 5$ but some went up to 90$. Don’t they know writers are poor?

I don’t do well when I have a million options, but I am very goal-orientated. If I could just know where I need to submit and by when I would feel much better. All of these options are freaking me out. I am sure a lot of writers deal with this and in fact there are probably blogs and articles designed to be very helpful. But then I don’t know if I can trust them or if they too have been sponsored by a company that is trying to make a quick buck off you.

Who can I trust?

I know this blog is lame and raving but I need some help people!

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