Quick MS Update

So I spent the weekend reading my manuscript. I didn’t think it would take me that long…but it is a book after all. I feel weird and pretentious saying manuscript all the time so I think I will stick to calling it “Mara.” Makes the whole thing more manageable. As you know I was quite dreading this little assignment. It doesn’t help that I read so much and constantly compare myself to those authors. But anyway, I have to say the whole experience was not as bad as I expected. Obviously, there were some things that were annoying:

- I repeated a few phrases/visualizations

- the sentence structure was repetitive, especially in the beginning

- many grammar and spelling errors, minor things I can easily correct

- and there were a few plot holes that need addressing.

But here is what’s cool:

- it was actually pretty funny and entertaining and fast paced

- I enjoyed the characters and felt like my protagonist grew up along her journey and didn’t stay stagnate.

Most importantly I am accepting the fact that my books are people-pleasers. Sure, they may not make people question their existence and they are not works of great Literary importance, but they make me happy and more than anything I want them to make my readers happy. Books are escapism from the nitty gritty reality, in my opinion. There is enough in the world to make you blue if you are paying attention. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate great literature because I really do and if not for some earlier feminist writers I would not be the person or the writer I am today.

I just want to make someone’s day a little brighter. I want happiness associated with my name. That’s the mark I want to leave.

Another great thing that happened as I read was the feeling of excitement I got towards revision. I am genuinely excited to begin the revision process on Mara. I can’t wait until I feel like it is ready for my Beta readers (you know who you are).

So my overall mood is cautiously optimistic! And hey that’s better than crippling self doubt no?

Current Song: Alt-J, Tessellate