Dream 5-24-13

Dreams, I feel, are like looking through somebody else's vacation photos: unless you are directly involved, it’s hard to give a shit. But I always write my dreams down when I can and decided to post last night’s. So BEAR (this joke is funny by the end...maybe not) with me here or skip to a different post. It started with me snuggling under Hubby’s arms on the couch while looking at Reddit on my phone - this a pretty normal occurrence. I scrolled through the top stories when what should I find to my surprise but a photo of my parents from way back in the day.

It was a photo I am very familiar with, I saw it many times as a kid before their divorce. My mom had lovely, long brown waves parted to the side and clipped back with a barrette, the very height of late 70’s fashion. She was so petite and thin wearing a crocheted tank top and no bra (a feat I have always been envious of having been wearing a bra nonstop since the seventh grade).

My father also young, it occurs to me that they are both several years younger than me at this point, a thought that truly blows my mind (but more on that another time). His hair was still thick then and also brown (produced two blonde kids though) and he wore tight jean bell bottoms and a red collared polo. Together the two of them made a very attractive young couple.

“I can’t believe this. My mom and dad are on the front page of Reddit!” I sat up and stared at Hubby.

“Who posted it?” He asked but the username gave nothing away.

As is often the case with dreams, people you are thinking about magically appear. So suddenly, I sat across from my father, his wife, my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle.

“We posted it.” My grandmother said.

I always have been astounded at their ability to keep up with the technology.

Immediately I went to work creating an account so I could comment on the photo, but as always technology failed me.

My grandmother informed me that the image I saw was just part of the picture. I dragged my finger across the screen and rotated the panoramic photo 360 degrees. Snipped together with what I assumed was awesome Photoshop skills, were pictures of everyone on my dad’s side. Family members I recognized and some I did not. Ending finally in a picture of me and Hubby. My hair was long and brown and I was laughing. Because now the scene moved, like one of those moving pictures like in Harry Potter.

I stared astonished.

Then next thing I knew my grandparents were taking me on a tour of where all those photos had been taken throughout the years. Showing the before and after of every scene. Neighborhoods went from cute 1950’s suburban paradises to rundown storefronts with broken windows and homeless people passed out in front - we must have been in Illinois.

Then we passed what used to be a forest preserve.

“Why did they do this?” I was horrified. There were still many trees but instead of soil was asphalt. Miles of black tar suffocating the roots of magnificent conifers.

Sensing my shock my grandmother pointed out, “Don’t worry nature is fighting back.”

That’s when I noticed the giant cracks pushed up by vegetation and the various pools of water that collected, slowly returning what man ruined back to normal.

We stopped to walk around a little when I spotted a baby bear. I snapped a picture with my phone then said that we should probably get out of there.

When I turned around there were little baby brown and black bears all around us. A Ranger had appeared and told us to just stand up tall with our arms out wide above our heads and make a lot of noise.

So the group of started doing just that. Looking back we probably would have looked funny, like zombies in a bad B movie but I remember thinking that at any moment one of the bears would get mad or its mom would come running. One baby brown bear attacked me with a hug.

Then I woke up, hot and cranky.