Family Getaway

I waited too long to write this. I should have just gotten up and came to write it down before the dream dissolved and went to wherever dreams go to hang out together. Below is what I remember. (Random side note: don’t you think it is odd that while all dreams are random and unique there are general themes that many people have? Like teeth falling, stress dreams about school, etc. But we can save that for later…I could spend forever talking about dreams.) The whole family came for this vacation, well all of my mom’s side anyway. Even Aunt Pat, Uncle Bob and Maggie who hate to fly.  We flew in through a major airline then took a puddle jumper plane to a boat just to get to this island. Someone had chosen an obscure destination for this trip, Taiwan I think? I was really uncomfortable with the whole thing to be honest but didn’t want to seem ungrateful and was just happy to get out of the country and all be together.

Up on our balcony I enjoyed the quasi polluted, second world view. A nervous knot twisted in stomach. I scanned the beach and saw Uncle Paul and Steve waving to me high up on the top floor. The good news was, the same reason that made me hesitant to stay here also allowed us to live like kings - poverty. I smiled and waved back to my family that ran around like ants.

My attention  drifted to the left, several miles down. Heavy dark waves crashed against the shore and every time they retreated back into the water a large chunk of earth went with them.

Not knowing much about the ocean thanks to years of living in the high desert climate, I studied the waves for a while finding them quite powerful and breathtaking. It wasn’t until I noticed the people getting sucked into the waves that my heart started to pound. This was not right. From my bird’s eye view I was able to see that the ground continued to get swallowed up by the waves and they were moving ever closer to the land structures and people were running for their lives.

I screamed for my mom.

“We have to get out of here now!”

Previously in my dream I must have done something to prove my trustworthiness, like I had slight clairvoyance and proved it to their amazement. Despite her look of doubt she nodded and sprang into action.

I ran to my room and stressed over what to pack and take with me. The room itself looked an awful lot like the bedroom I grew up in but I couldn’t take everything like I wanted to. Time was wasting and the things that seemed so important while packing were quickly forgotten.

“Mom, you have to go get everyone else. Have them meet us at the boat that took us here.”

The panic drove me. At any moment alarms would ring out and chaos would ensue, hundreds of workers and guests alike would be trying to race down the cramped hotel stairwell to safety. I had been giving an opportunity to get my family out of there safely and I wasn’t thinking about all the other innocent lives.

My family packed quickly as possible all the while arguing amongst themselves and rolling their eyes at me. Still, they packed and I somehow managed to get them off the beach and out of the hotel.

Before I knew it we actually made it down to the dock. A small motor boat bounced on the treacherous waves but I was filled with relief. We were all together and we were headed to the airport to get off this sinking island.

At that moment what seemed like an explosion rang through the air. Every one of our heads snapped to the direction of the hotel where only moments ago we were swimming and relaxing.

On the horizon we saw our resort imploding in on itself, crashing down as the water brought it back to earth from its place in the sky.

My family all turned to look at me jaws hung open.

I put my head down and thought of all the lives I didn’t save.


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