Girls, Girls, Girls!

I’ve never reviewed a TV show before, so for the sake of protecting everyone involved, let’s call this a reaction! Yes, I like that. My Reaction to Last night’s Girls on HBO.

First things first, I have got to stop watching trailers. Especially in the case of this show, I need to stop scouring FaceBook, Twitter and any other social media or website for clips and contents of the show here’s why.

While I really enjoyed last night’s episode, “It’s About Time,” I have to say I knew all the best lines already thanks to my searching. So I really need to stop doing that. I have a problem. But also, I sort of wish tv and movies would stop giving away the best stuff up front.

Part of me is having a problem attaching to the girls this season, gathered I may have set my expectations way too high and I may have spoiled too many surprises but I was left feeling sort of, “meh.”

So Hannah. I am pretty much over Adam and find him about as interesting as Hannah does. Though a part of me really pities him and can understand the anger he feels towards Hannah, but as a twenty something female I get it. It’s selfish and immature, but I get it. Hannah had to figure her shit out and if she had it all together it wouldn’t make for a  very interesting show. I was curious about the random man she was sleeping with that was never given any introduction to. The show is so fast paces that I may have to go back and re-watch to hear who he is.

The Elijah plot, is… well I am waiting to see where this goes. Any roommate that starts so perfectly is surly set for doom and gloom, and we know how Hannah is…

We didn’t hear anything from Jessa, but maybe we weren’t supposed to. She is back from her whirlwind wedding/honeymoon. Didn’t the actress playing her have a baby? Maybe that’s why she is MIA.

Marney and Charlie…sigh… the longing glances, the familiarity. It’s all too easy for them to get back together. They both need to explore the world and figure out what they want separately. Charlie needs to stop suffocating the ones he loves. It sucks that girls are like that but smothering drives us away and distance makes us crazy (see Hannah and Adam).

I have to say by far my favorite characters/set on the show is Shoshanna and Ray. Again I totes (that for you Shoshanna) say the trailer and knew they would end up making out in the coat room but ther chemistry is ridiculous and I love them.

I still love the show, I still can’t wait to see where it’s going. Possibly, I need to lower my expectations and little, and just enjoy it for what it is.

UPDATE: so happy for all their wins at the Golden Globes. Good time for ladies in entertainment!