The word of today is: Overwhelmed. Hello there,welcome to 2013. It has been roughly one year since I started this blog and about seven months since I have posted anything. So perhaps the word of today should be Fail?

Maybe that is harsh, ignore her, that is just Self-Loathing Writer talking. Without going to much into the in and outs of 2012, because let’s honest I don’t feel like rehashing it and you probably don’t care, I will say there was some shit that went down. Here are the things that pertain to this blog.


Good thing: Finished two rough drafts of MS (manuscript)* and wrote profusely.

Bad thing: When I go back to edit either of said MS I feel sick with disappointment. (Who wrote this drivel?! Oh, that’s funny…okay but the rest of this is just bad.)

Is this a normal writer thing? I’d love to know. I think back the the golden days of when I thought the goal was to just finish one complete rough draft. HA! What a fool that girl was (Foolish Niave Writer is now Self-Loathing Writer by the way). I see now that first drafts are the easy part, while the editing process is painful and torturous. YAY for writers!


Good thing: Joined a writing group whom I adore.

Bad thing: Became painfully aware of how far I am from being published.

I love my writing group. What a crazy group of friends I have collected but I know I would not have gotten nearly as far without them. In their trials and tribulations I see that I really haven’t done much towards becoming an author. Turns out the writing business is a pretty tough nut to crack - who knew?


Good Thing: Ran a lot!

Bad thing: Lost track of miles

Somewhere around April I think I stopped keeping track of my 500 mile goal, not sure why, overall laziness strikes again? Who knows. I also didn’t do any more races after Super Bowl, again no excuses. I never stopped running though and so that has to be good for something. I am thinking this blog will be less focused on the running aspect and more on my struggling (read: non-existent) career as an author.


Good thing: AKH (All Knowing Husband)** gifted me Writer’s Market books in order to fuel the fire within.

Bad thing: Now officially overwhelmed and terrified at the amount of literary magazines, publishers, literary agents and overall scariness out there.

Which brings us to the word of the day and my overall feelings in general. So at risk of being a repeat of next year, I propose the following (not going to call them New Years Resolutions, because I feel like that is just setting them up for failure) goals:

- Weekly Blogging - dammit I have to, I just won’t limit myself to one particular theme. You can’t paint me with that brush!

- Submit writing (and get rejected). I am not being a Pessimist, more a realist. I have to crawl before I can walk and if my writing group has taught me anything, it is that rejection is the norm.

- Share this blog with the world! (AKA Facebook, Twitter, and my writing group)

- Run 3-5 times a week: keep track or don’t honestly, I don’t care anymore. Just don’t stop. Being a writer isn’t an excuse to be winded when climbing up stairs!

- BECOME AN AUTHOR!!!! (Still stressing out immeasurably about this part…the Writer’s Market books are truly terrifying to me at this point.)

So I am back, a little darker, a little more real, but also really freaking dedicated to writing still and if anything more knowledgeable than before. I am ready for battle scars! So cheers to the New Year, I will my 2013 my bitch.

Here is a quote my mom sent me that I am obsessed with:


* part of being a writer I learned is using a lot of acronyms and terms nobody else knows. It makes us cooler, part of a secret club.

** It’s been a while just in case you forget.