Generation Idealist

WELP…it seems that I have now been forced into some sort of quarter life crisis….not a real thing? I beg to differ and I bet a lot of twenty something’s are right there with me. I saw this thing online somewhere (great citing, I know) that said something along the lines of “all our lives we have been told to go to college so we don’t end up working at McDonald’s. Well so many of us have done that and still can’t find jobs and yet you get mad when we refuse to work at McDonald’s.” Okay so I am pretty sure I butchered that quote, something I am notorious for, but hopefully you get the general idea.

My whole I have been told I could achieve whatever I wanted. Go to college, work hard and find out what you love to do…well I did…and I am not. I went to school, I got good grades and a degree and now I am one of the lucky few who actually got, not only a job, but a job in the field in which I went to school for. Okay, already I feel like I should stop complaining…I know SO many of my peers are far more intelligent than I and still can’t find work…but that really isn’t the point of this rant…

Anyway, now I have this problem where I am at exactly where I am “supposed to be.” Married, working and thinking about kids and all I can think is…oh my god is this all there is? I am sure having children is amazing and I hope to be lucky enough one day, but as far as working this job for the rest of my life goes…UGH! I regularly suffer from Cubicle Coma and I am only twenty-freaking-five.  Seriously how do people do this is it just me? How many people are actually happy at their jobs? Really happy, not just “I am just happy to not be living on the streets” happy?

Really it is not my fault. It’s all those parents and teachers who were loving and nurturing and made me believe I could be whatever I want…DAMN YOU! Maybe my whole generation would have been better off if we were just told, “you get a job, any damn thing will do, and be happy you don’t have flies swirling around your swollen bellies.”

Really, when I sit down and think about it, these are all first world problems, “Wah, I have a nice comfy house and eat regularly but I am not emotionally satisfied with my career…where is my IPhone?”  Okay I know how I must be sounding.

I guess my point is this: At what point in our life do we give up living our dreams and just settle for being thankful we don’t have it much worse? Or is it more about finding a happy balance? Work the job helps us pay bills and then find hobbies outside of work that fulfill us? (Did I just answer my own question?) 40 hours a week just seems like a lot of time to be spending not doing what we love, when we are constantly reminded how short life really is.