I forgot about walking!

Well today was my first back to work from the holidays and it was just about as magnificent as you might imagine it to be. I did have a slightly longer break than most due to a death in my family. So as an unexpected gift (in a sad disguise) to start 2012 I was given the opportunity to see a lot of family all together for the first time in a very long time. It did however put a damper on my writing/running.  As we know from last week I am having some knee issues. I have resolved to take special vitamins, rest and yoga. They seem to be helping as I have no knee pain, but I have not run either. I was concerned about not doing any sort of cardio while out of town and then my husband reminded me about walking! Have you heard? - It’s like running but without the impact. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like I am doing enough when I just walk but everything I have read says it is really just as good (and many out there argue better, since there is less impact) but I, as well as many others enjoy running more.

But at least I did something. This year is off to a bit of a rocky start. I am still really motivated to get my miles which is great, but I am definitely struggling with my writing. I am more hesitant than ever...

I am pretty sure I am going to hit up a meetup.com group to push me out of my shell and inspire me. I also plan on meeting up with the wife of a man I work with who is a published author of teen fiction. Oh, remember I have a crippling fear of people reading my writing? Yeah, going to need to get over it to if I plan on being an author. And I do.

Oh! There is this little thing that happened that is a huge deal for me. On the flight to Chicago I told the man sitting next to me (I will be referring to him as Babbling Bob) that I am a writer. I actually introduced myself as a tech writer by day (yes, that is my safety net) struggling fiction writer by night. It feels a bit dirty though because aside from the few posts for this blog I have done hardly any other writing. 

It's frustrating how easy it is for me to find motivation to workout but when I think about working on my novel I get stressed out and overwhelmed. I think I should look into that.

For now though, I feel like I have made progress on the knee-front I was thinking of trying to jog tonight so I will let you know how that goes. it is amazing how badly I need to stretch my body I am wound up tight!   


I wrote the above portion yesterday and have since tried jogging. I did a slow (about 5 MPH ) jog last night and had to walk a few minutes in the middle but I did a total of 2.8 miles. I know it is not a lot but I am so glad to be back jogging it makes me SO happy!  Maybe I will be able to do the 10k on Superbowl Sunday afterall!