Eggnog Jog 2012 (aka Straw, meet Camel's Back)

Happy 2012! Well I wanted to make sure that I started this year with a bang, so I signed up for a fun, non-competitive jog to be done on New Years day. The Eggnog Jog turned out to be sort of a bust, hopefully not literally. The course was an easy four miles and the weather was gorgeous (I needed no more than a long sleeve shirt thanks to the sunny New Mexico winters!) and yet I have to say that it was one of the hardest runs I have ever done. This I know to be my fault, and here’s why. Let me back up a little to late last year when I began to train for my first half marathon. I would run a few short runs during the week (like 3 or 4 miles each) and then on the weekends do a longer run, adding a mile each weekend eventually getting up to 12 miles. Well turns out that type of training is extremely hard on the body. It’s best to run more often during the week and build up endurance and then do a longish run on the weekend but no more than 10% of the total miles for the week. I just learned this. During my training I dealt with severe arch pain that put me out a week, shoe inserts really helped there. I have extremely high arches and the shoes I used to wear sucked. After I got better shoes, the inserts and stretched a lot I had no pain.  Then towards the end of the half marathon itself I started to feel severe pain in my left knee. I thought that maybe the course (The Strip in Las Vegas) was really hard and the impact was tough on my knees. Well the knee pain kept up after the next few small runs I did. I got new shoes thinking maybe that would help too, but when I did a small 3 mile jog on New Year's Eve I ended up having to walk because the pain was so bad.  I am still not 100% sure what my major malfunction is.

Well because I am my own worst enemy sometimes, despite everyone else’s advice I did the 4 mile jog this morning. And it sucked. I started hurting less than a quarter-mile in and it didn’t stop the whole time. UGH! It is the worst feeling in the world, to want to run and crave running only to know I can’t.  I have decided that I need to rest my knee. *sniff sniff* So I am going to try at least one week no running. This definitely impacts my goal of 500 miles and is so extremely frustrating but I know it was I need to do.

However, that doesn’t mean here I am throwing in the towel DAY ONE into my New Year’s resolution, oh no. I plan on continuing my Body Pump  classes (which I think are amazing and totally changed my mind about weight training) and I decided to get back into yoga. I did it in college and I loved it and I am not sure why I ever even stopped.  I am hoping strengthening and stretching my body will put me in balance and help the ol’ knees get back in shape.

The most frustrating part about all this is that I want to run and I can’t! Which SUCKS!  I am so motivated but I won’t let this little hiccup stop me from reaching my goal.  I got new running clothes and a running watch from the hubby for Christmas and I am anxious to use it but if I am going to do this, I am going to do it right and be healthy. I am leaving for Chicago Tuesday and will be back Saturday. I am torn because I know I need to rest, but I can’t do yoga classes or BP out there  so I am not sure what to do…UGH! I guess we will see what happens…I will let you know.

I am also going to do some reading on running and change up my running schedule, more to come on that later. Well 4 down 496 to go!