Getting up to date

If you were to poll all of my friends/family and ask them questions about me I bet you would mostly likely learn the following things about me (in no particular order): -I love to nap

- I am an obnoxiously perky morning person, but nothing of a night owl

- I can fall asleep anywhere

- I love sleep

- I am a “glass half full” sort of person

- I love to read and jog (not simultaneously)

- I love my dogs and my husband

- And if it is purple I will especially love it!

That is pretty much me in a nut shell - maybe I am leaving out other stuff- it is actually really hard to know what people would say about you.  I tried to only include the positive things, but that is me for you - focusing on the positive.

One thing that they are not likely to know about me is that I love to write. I dream of being a successful published author and living solely off my writing. Ah, but see there, you just rolled your eyes and mumbled “who doesn’t.” Or at least in my mind you did…this is why I tend to keep the writing thing under my hat. (I look terrible in hats so that is a proverbial hat of course.)

Okay so to get down to it I have 2 Major (with a capital “M”) goals for 2012.

The first is to run 500 miles. Jen did it in 2011 and it 100% inspired me.  I have always been a jogger, then late in 2011 I trained for my first ½ marathon and now I am hooked.  I am by no means a great runner or even remotely hard core, but I enjoy it and I want to get better.

My second goal is to write. Every day. If I call myself a writer, it’s high time that I act like one.  

So this is where the blog idea began. I always wanted to blog, since that is what writers do these days, but wanted an idea that was fitting for me.  Lynsey gave me a memoir for Christmas that inspired me, “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running,” by renowned writer Haruki Murakami.  He talks about so much but basically the main theme is how training for marathons is a lot like writing a novel (which I am also attempting).  So with all of these things floating around in the vast abyss that is my mind I knew what I should to do; start a blog that chronicles my journey to 500 miles as well as my struggles with writing.

Thanks to Cassie and Alex for the great pen/runner name. (I am a technical writer during the day, superhero… I mean writer/runner by night.)

So here it is, the official new blog, which is hopefully a wonderful new chapter in my life. Here is to a healthier mind and body in 2012! (I just took a shot for us all.)

This was more of an intro post, starting January 1 the really blogging begins! Hurrah!

Thanks for reading.